Billie Howliday!

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October 12, 2016 

We are tickled pink to announce the Adoption of our Billie HOWLiday! Congratulations to Nicolle, Scott & their two boys! It's a GIRL!!!!



April 25, 2016 pupdate:

Little Billie Howliday has had her surgery and is recovering nicely! She had 'The Works' done - spay, hernia repair, and dentistry losing 8 rotten/cracked teeth! She'll need another week or so of healing and then she'll be ready for adoption!

Billie is a wonderful dog! She gets along great with other dogs, housebroken for the most part (she's a quick learner! She didn't know her house manners when she was first rescued and she's come a long way in a short time thanks to her rescuers!) and she seems to do fairly well when her foster parents go out. Of course, she's got the other beagles to keep her company. We think she would be best suited in a home with at least one other dog. And as we always hope for when it comes to our rescued beagles given all the hardships they've been through, we'd love to find a family where she is not left alone for a regular work day of 8 hours. We'd rather find her someone who works from home or works only part-time or has a partner that works different shifts so she gets more time with her humans every day! Billie is a lovely combination of active trailblazer and couch cuddler! She enjoys her walks immensely and, fair warning, will lay on the siren if she spots a squirrel! But when she gets back home, she is more than happy to curl up on a doggy bed and snooze! She also enjoys cuddle time on the couch when you're watching TV! In a nutshell, she's a sweet little angel and whoever is lucky enough to adopt her will have one HOWL of a treasure!

April 14, 2016 eblast:



If anyone has the right to sing the blues, it's the beagle we've named Billie Howliday.


She was found tied to a city post on a cold day in February.

Tucked under her tattered collar was a piece of rolled up yellow notepaper and written inside…just one word…



Two women spotted the scared and shivering little beagle on their way to work that cold morning, tail between her legs, waiting for an owner that never came. They didn't see the note. When she was still there later that afternoon, they knew something was terribly wrong. They came to her aid and never was there a more grateful dog than this little soul.


It didn't take long for them to discover the note beneath her collar, proving she'd been intentionally left by someone. They took her to their local shelter to report the incident and ask what they should do. It was her rescuers' hope that if her previous owner didn't want her back, the shelter could find her a loving new home. But, it appeared the dog may have medical problems. Besides being filthy from head to tail, overgrown nails and a few rotting teeth, they detected a concerning mass on her lower belly. Covering that much in medical costs was not within the shelter's budget. And so one of her rescuers took the little beagle to her own vet. The estimate to investigate the lump further, remove it if possible, spay her and take care of those teeth was not within her budget either. She took her home temporarily but knew she couldn't keep her. She lived in an apartment with two cats and a guinea pig (Billie liked playing with them or at least trying to play with them), and would be returning to work soon and possibly moving out of town in the near future. She didn't want the two of them to get attached. And that lump worried her. She knew this special little dog needed veterinary care as soon as possible and the chance for a loving and lasting home.


A little research finally led her to us.



Billie arrived to our waiting arms yesterday afternoon and we've got good news! The mass on her belly is a hernia which can be easily repaired at the time of her spay operation. No doubt she was used for breeding and perhaps when the hernia appeared, they simply dumped their damaged goods on a busy sidewalk.




She will probably need a few teeth removed too. Estimated at about 6 years old. she's one of our younger rescue beagles!




Our vets think she's going to be just fine. They also think she's adorable. So do we. So does everyone who meets our little rising star.






It won't be long, Billie! One minute, you're singing the blues on a cold street in February and the next…howling for joy!






What a little moonlight can do!




***Our sincere thanks go out to Sylvie, the one who rescued Billie first!