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Pupdate as of September, 2010:
Here's a little pupdate from Kevin's doting foster family:
Kevin has come a long way since arriving in our foster home!   Now that he is accustomed to getting regular meals and his belly is full, he doesn’t feel the need to eat everything in sight anymore … although he still may try on occasion.
He really is a lovely boy, who will climb up on your lap to give “hugs” to all who are willing to receive them. He has finally learned the meaning of the words “stay”, “no” and “down”, so he doesn’t think his name is “Down” anymore, as it’s not said to him every time we open our mouths anymore!
He does respond to his B.O.B. given name, Kevin.  He LOVES the outdoors and the longer and freer he is to run around any enclosed yard, the happier he is!   He adores being around other animals too …  even cats!    He’s become quite accustomed to the guinea pigs in the home too!  He is still pretty nervous around the loud noises of buses or trucks rumbling down the busy streets, which we guess must come from his experiences as a stray on the city streets.   But, he has no problem listening to the sound of thunder during storms!
He still has that devilish twinkle in his eye, which we have come to adore about him.   You just know he’s watching for when we leave the room so that he can jump up to see if any cake has been left on the diningroom table by his foster mom!    Have I mentioned that he knows how to open Tupperware containers full of cupcakes?
Kevin’s dream home would be one where he’s not left alone for too long during the days (as he loves company), and has a securely fenced yard with lots of time to spend in it!   That would be his dream come true!
Pupdate as of Feb 1, 2010:
Our little "chicken wing" has found a foster family! Our heartfelt thanks go out to Briar's foster family who decided to get back on the band wagon to help out Kevin. He went home on Friday night and if it wasn't for the cone on his head, you'd never know he was just neutered and had two bad teeth pulled the day before! He's a livewire, alright! He thinks his name is "Down" if that gives you a better picture...   (  ;  
But alas, even beagles with ants in their pants can learn to love a good cuddle. Apparently Kevin aka Down has discovered the joy of having his ears rubbed!
Meet Kevin. He's crazy brave.
So are we.
It's always rush hour on the internet highway for us. The email came zooming into our lane on Tuesday. It was from our friends at Toronto Animal Services: "We have an old beagle here in desperate need of rescue."
They thought he was old. Maybe as old as 12. Sometimes, dogs look way older than they are when they wind up at a shelter after fending for themselves outdoors in frigid weather for gosh knows how long.
They thought he was sick too. He's as tiny as a thimble and just as skinny. They worried he might have cancer.
He was not a candidate for adoption. If we didn't have space, this little beagle who captured their hearts (what beagle doesn't have that power?) would have to be humanely euthanized. In fact, he was slated for euthanasia that day. But, they held off. They called us first. He would have until Friday.
Yesterday afternoon, I picked him up. That's when I discovered his bravery and mine.
He didn't ACT old. And he definitely didn't seem sick. Sure, there's a little graying in his facial whiskers, but this boy was acting like it was his birthday and couldn't wait to open his presents.
What would I do now? I had a palliative foster home lined up for an elderly little gentleman who may or may not have long to live. Kevin (as I decided to call him after the kid from Home Alone) didn't fit that bill. I was taking a huge risk. He could be boarded at our vet clinic but not forever. And when we commit to a dog, we commit to a dog. So, that makes me pretty brave.
Not as brave as Kevin. Here's a little guy, most likely that skinny due to lack of food, having spent the last 2 weeks in a shelter after braving the elements on his own out on the streets of our fair city. Here's a little guy who doesn't batt a tail at hopping (well, more like struggling to climb into my SUV given he's so vertically challenged) into my car and facing the unknown with that birthday excitement.
His bravery was proven again when I took a detour to Metro Hound for a much needed bath - him not me. I don't like to put them through such an ordeal right away, but he smelled REALLY BAD. So Christine, the proprietor, and I set to work on making his colours brighter and his whites whiter. We also pulled out the de-skunking shampoo which helped tremendously. He accepted it all while munching on probably the best darned cookies he'd ever tasted. Christine was head over heals smitten by the time she was blow-drying his tail. The bath was complimentary.
Next on the agenda was his vet appointment. More cookies and more acceptance while being poked and prodded. Our vet confirmed my suspicions. Not ancient. Probably no older than 7, maybe 5, maybe younger. He looked old most likely because of his teeth. As it turns out, Kevin has an underbite which makes it hard for him to keep them strong when eating. He will most likely require more dentistry than other dogs as the years go by.
If the bloodwork comes back okay (which I assume it will), he'll be neutered today along with a nice dental.
But then what? That's where you come in, dear friends. Kevin needs a place to hang his leash. A place to eat good meals. A place to stay cuddly warm. A place to be loved. 
Could YOU be Kevin's port in the storm?
Could YOU be his foster family? 
Contact us if you'd like to explore the possibility!
We can arrange a Meet & Greet as soon as he recovers from surgery!
And, by the way, he's just dandy with other dogs...