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April 1, 2010: This is no April Fools Day for Rosie! She's been adopted to a wonderful man - her new doting daddy! Congratulations Rosie Rosebud!!!
Feb 10, 2010: Introducing Rosie...

The article below has just been published in Beach Metro Community News for my column, "PET OF THE MONTH"! Have a read and learn all about this special girl!!

IFeb 10, 2010: Introducing Rosie...

The article below has just been published in Beach Metro Community News for my column, "PET OF THE MONTH"! Have a read and learn all about this special girl!!

In the not-so-distant land of Pickering, there reigns and wags a princess by the flowery name of Rosie.

Of all Rosie’s royal subjects (and she has many), no braver is her teddy bear! Not that he’s fought any epic battles in her honour. It’s just that our princess has a rather exuberant way of expressing her love, resulting in countless surgeries for poor Bear to re-attach limbs and replace stuffing.

Up until last spring, there was a king to this story too…even if he was ‘king’ in name only. Rosie ruled both his heart and home. There was nobody more devoted to our princess…not even Bear.

But then, the king became very ill. When he disappeared entirely, it took Rosie months to get used to the idea of ruling over a kingdom that had no king. On walks, she would follow after every set of pant cuffs that came within sniffing range in the hopes of finding him. But the pant cuffs would always lead up to an unfamiliar yet sympathetic face. Eventually, she gave up her search. Somehow, that was just as heartbreaking to those who know and love her.

It may have taken a while, but time has a magical way of repairing broken hearts. Rosie’s tail is back to flying at full mast. As for Bear, he’s been promoted to Absolutely Irreplaceable Royal Subject. Given Rosie’s renewed obsession with proudly toting him around between clenched incisors, the surgeries are regular occurrences. Life for Rosie is good again!

But, Rosie doesn’t know about the letter delivered to my mailbox just before Christmas.

It’s easy to become judgmental of people in this line of work. Someone like me has a hard time understanding folks who give up their dogs. As the founder of BIG ON BEAGLES (BOB) Rescue, I’ve heard every excuse. But, sometimes, the excuse is not an excuse at all. Sometimes, people give up their dog out of love.

The letter I received came from Joanne, Rosie’s “mom”. She wrote about losing her husband. She wrote about Rosie. She wrote about wanting my help in finding her princess a family that would love her as much as she does.

When I met Rosie and her “mom” on a chilly January afternoon, I could see there was no shortage of love between them. The fact that Joanne perfected her surgical skills enough to keep Bear alive and kicking for Rosie’s entertainment was one indication. The fact that Rosie charmed my socks off with well-taught kisses was another.

While Rosie and I played tug-the-bear, Joanne shared funny stories with me about her rosebud. She also told me that Rosie had suffered a more recent loss when Joanne’s son’s diabetic cat passed away. They’d spent a year together, quickly becoming soulful sleep-mates because cats like to nap and Rosie is very accommodating.

Rosie, as I was learning, marches to the beat of her own drum. Chasing cats is so cliché. She’d much rather have you chase her and Bear through the house. Of course, if Bear is in surgery at the time, she’ll have you chase her and Bear’s understudy (aka her blankie).

So here was this captivating beagle named Rosie, blooming with personality and far more spectacular than any flower in the garden. How could one ever give her up?

Out of love, that’s how.

It was in Joanne’s voice. Her husband had been sick for so long that her life had been put on hold. But like Rosie, Joanne is finally starting to bloom. Life, she realizes, is too short – for both of them. She wants to visit old friends while she still can and travel to places she’s always dreamed about. This will mean less time with Rosie. And all Rosie wants is to play lots of tug-the-bear. “Rosie”, she admits with tears in her eyes, “deserves more than I can give. Only if Rosie is happy can I be happy too.”

Now this is a refreshing change! This time, it’s not about saving a beagle from a terrible past. This time, it’s about finding a much loved princess and her finely-sewn Bear another kingdom to happily rule over! It shouldn’t be hard. Who doesn’t love roses and teddy bears…especially at this time of year?

Won’t you stop and smell the roses…I mean Rosie? This 7-year-old spayed beagle is a princess and everybody knows princesses smell like rainbows and peppermints, all of which has surely rubbed off on Bear! To catch a marvelous whiff of Rosie and her bear, contact BIG ON BEAGLES (BOB) Rescue,, 416-693-5590!