Rutger Howler

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Check out Rutger's little video!!!

November 26, 2012:
Congratulations to Rutger and his new parents, Mike & Kenny! Our long-legged boy has found a home just in time for the HOWLidays! Stay tuned for a pupdate from his dads once the fur has settled!
October 1, 2012:
Hello Rutger Fans! It's about time we gave you a pupdate on our Rutger! Please enjoy the letter below from Rutger's devoted Foster Mom! We'd also want to let you know that Rutger's skin troubles seem to be improving with the treatment provided by our team of veterinarians at Beaches Animal Hospital!

Say hello to Mr. Ruger (aka Rutger Howler)! Despite his stage name (and the fact that he’s a beagle), Ruger is actually a very quiet boy. In fact, he’s a gentle, sweet and very affectionate guy. He tries to act like he’s in charge with our other beagle, Sweetie, but being the actor that he is, it’s all for show. We can clearly see that Sweetie’s the boss in this home. He’s definitely not the dominant type and is very friendly with other dogs (we’re just not sure we can say the same for cats!)

Even though Ruger is not the domineering type, he’s certainly a self-confident dog who has a lot of energy and spunk. The vets estimate he’s about two years old. The reason he was surrendered was due to his (what was later diagnosed) food allergies, which is an issue that seems to be quite common in humans and animals. He’s been in his foster home for about three months as the vets try to figure out the best medical routine for him. They know what meds he needs; they just need to figure out the right dosage so that he will live a long, healthy, active life.

Ruger is going to make someone very happy. He’s full of love and affection (whether it’s snuggling up beside you while you watch TV, or cuddling in bed at night). If you prefer to have him sleep elsewhere than your comfy bed, he’s just as content to sleep in his crate at night. He seems to find the crate relaxing and does not mind spending some time in there. He also has great leash manners and is a pleasure to walk. This little guy is going to make a great addition to anyone’s family as he loves other dogs, is great with kids and has a lot of affection to share. Even though he shares his stage name with a famous actor, Ruger is the real deal: all heart with a genuine spirit!

Yours sincerely,

Ruger's Foster Mom

July 3, 2012:
Dear Friends,
Little Rutger Howler came to us all the way from North Bay Humane Society today! Our thanks to the good folks at the shelter and to the volunteer drivers that got him to us! As you can tell from the photo, Rutger needs time to heal. He's been diagnosed with a severe food allergy and requires a special diet and daily medication. Our vets are working together with us to determine the best course of action but these things do take time to work out. Please keep Rutger in your thoughts as we go along. So far, his foster mom says he's doing great. He LOVES his beagle sister, Sweetie! Especially at night when he snuggles up to her in their doggy bed! ( ;