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March 15, 2013 eblast:

Patience doesn't have to be patient anymore!
She's part of the BOB Family now and we're gonna make her all better! 
This little girl is one of the huggiest beagles we've ever met! The first thing she wants to do when she meets somebody is give them a GREAT BIG HUG! Including our vet! Well, she knows him as Uncle Jeff… Uncle Jeff will be performing surgery on Patience next Thursday. He'll be removing the 4 bladder stones that have been causing her such discomfort…although you'd never know it from her. She's too busy giving out hugs to complain about that. She also needs to be spayed and have those teeth cleaned up.  The total estimated veterinary cost of $1,000 with discount (incuding this morning's rabies vaccination, Heartworm test, pre-anaesthetic bloodwork, and initial xray for the stones), is nothing new for us. It's the average cost for most of the beagles we're here to save. Patience is a spring chicken at roughly 6, but we tend to focus on senior dogs and many arrive at our door with a long list of health issues. That's why funding is so important to us and to beagles like Patience.  Just think, if 50 people gave $20 each, her operation would be paid for completely! She's so worth the money. Please help us with her surgery. By helping us cover the medical costs for Patience, we'll be able to help the next hugger that bounces through our door and straight into our hearts! 
  All we need is just a little Patience 
March 13, 2013 E-Blast:
We got an email last week from a shelter a couple hours north of here. I've included it below. Another precious beagle experiencing troubled times. If we can take her, we'd like to call her Patience. It suits this moment. She urgently needs our help. There's no way of knowing how long she's been suffering from the kidney stones. Surgery is highly likely. In the meantime, all the shelter staff can do is control her discomfort with medication.  But our foster homes are full. Funding is a bit of a concern too after some unexpected veterinary costs in our attempt to save two very special dogs.
We didn't get a chance to tell you yet about either of them. Sweet old Elmo bid us farewell on January 21st. He was our ancient one so we somewhat expected that. But not Clementine.  We lost our Clementine to cancer last week. You might remember her from a year ago. She marked our 100th beagle saved.  Kissing rescued beagles happens all the time for me, but hers was one kiss I'll never forget - the one she planted on me when I gathered her up from the North York pound just a couple weeks before Christmas 2011. It really felt like a thank you kiss. That kiss summed up the whole reason why this work we do is worth doing. So now, when situations like this happen and I find myself worrying about how we're going to manage it, I just have to think back on that kiss and trust that somehow… 
 it'll work itself out fine
All we need is just a little Patience