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LOVE abounds at...



Here's Matthew and his long-time OBSESSION - my rescue partner, Erica, all smoochy smoochy on the Boardwalk that day!

Yes, one KISS from Matthew and the rest of the world fades away…



Too bad my other rescue partner, Kelly, didn't receive the same appreciation.

Apparently, Matthew mistook her for a tree.

Enough said.


All kidding aside, there was so much more to SLOBBERFEST and our 2nd Annual BEAGLE WIGGLE WALKATHON than Matt and his charming ways!




The weather held up beautifully - blue skies and sunshine…at least until 2pm when rescue groups & vendors all got soaked tearing down our tents.

But that's okay. It was worth it.


The results are in!!!


But first, we want to thank everyone who made this day so special!


We thank the wonderful organizers at Community Centre 55 for putting on such a great event!

We thank our fellow rescue groups for making a little Rescue Village of our own!


We thank Karen the Dog Tailor for joining our booth raising more support for our beagles with the sale of her adorable personalized doggy bandanas!


And we thank the talented Elizabeth Abbott for joining us too and sharing the proceeds of a few sales of her new book - "Dogs and Underdogs"!


And of course, we thank all of YOU!

Whether you attended Slobberfest or you sent your pledge to one of our Official Walkers --- you made this day PERFECT!


Speaking of our Official Walkers, we thank all of you for collecting pledges on behalf of our homeless howlers!


BOB Grad, Honey-Apple, with Deanna!

BOB Grad, Laura-Bell, with Kelly!

The lovely and talented Lilly, with Lorna!

Carol and the ever notorious Bowzer!

Karen and BOB Miracle Beagle, Dukey (Walking in the West!)

and Tommy in spirit thanks to his devoted mom, Shereen, who raised money again in his memory


We also thank the BYOB members who came out in support of our Walk with their beagles!

We enjoyed all of your company and even reunited with BOB Grad Wesley and his new little beagle sister!

Pencil came out too with his fabulous family and enjoyed a dip in the lake!


You are all so important to this cause, but only ONE Walker could win Top Walker!


Congratulations to Shereen in memory of her Tommy for once again raising the most pledges with a whopping total of



Not only did Shereen win the Grand Prize - a beautiful orthopaedic doggy bed courtesy of GLOBAL PET FOODS - but she donated it back to our rescue!

Guess who will be enjoying that new bed?

None other than Darla upon her arrival to our rescue family tomorrow afternoon!




The time has come to announce the TOTAL MONIES raised for this year's BEAGLE WIGGLE WALKATHON!



Between merchandise sales, donations & pledges…


We raised $5,355!!!


Now you may recall, we raised over twice as much last year at WOOFSTOCK but Fear Not!

We received a little more support from other sources just around the same time…


Saturday's BEAGLE WIGGLE WALK led us to GLOBAL PET FOODS' door!


Store Owner and avid supporter of animal rescue groups, Donna, and her staff were anxiously awaiting our arrival!

They had goody bags for all our Walkers!

And they had a couple cheques for us too!

The cheques represented the monies they raised for our Beagle Rescue from their SHOW US YOUR HEART Campaign back in February!


Those cheques amounted to $3,235.50!!!


The day before the Walk, a cheque came in my mailbox.


It was a United Way cheque representing contributions made by employees of various participating companies.


That cheque amounted to $755.91!


And finally, with our announcement of Canada Helps' "Great Canadian Giving Challenge" throughout the month of June,


We received a $1,000 donation from one of our supporters

and a $25 donation from another supporter the day after that!

Keep them coming throughout June, beagle friends! Every dollar represents a chance for us to win $10,000!





Yep, as far as we're concerned, our Spring event was a HUGE TAIL-WAGGIN' SUCCESS!


If you add it all up, we've raised a Grand Total of




What a way to kick off the Summer!


Speaking of kicking off the Summer...

We're pleased as punch to introduce you to our 


For the beautiful Month of June, say HOWL-O to...



There's nothing quite like the bond between a BOY and his DOG! Here's a few words from Poppy's Photographer & Best Friend...


Hi! My name is Eddie Jones and I’m 14 years old. I love taking pictures, like the one here of my dog Poppy. I started taking photos with my Dad’s camera when I was around 11 years old. And then, I got my own! When I'm taking photos, I feel like I can let my creative side go wild! It’s a time to express myself and capture special moments! I especially like taking photos of animals and modern life! And I LOVE this pic of my Poppy...don't you?


Donate directly to Big On Beagles using PayPal!



And we thought 2013 was a busy year for your favourite beagle rescue! 2014 was the most costly year yet with over $30,000 spent in medical costs. 2015 is already proving to be just as costly. But your support makes it possible for us to keep reaching out to beagles requiring expensive, live-saving surgeries. The more money we raise, the more beagles we can save. It's that simple and that's why it's never too late to lend your support. We're asked to help abandoned beagles on a daily basis. Please help us continue to reach out to beagles in need throughout this bright new year. You can make a gift to our beagles for yourself or in honour of a loved one. We'll send them a card on your behalf so they know the impact you've made in their name. You'll be making twice the difference for that special someone AND for a rescued beagle!


Wanna make a difference ALL year long? Join our family of Monthly BOBefactors by setting up a Monthly Gift for our Homeless Howlers!

Your monthly gift of $10 or more really can make a difference for our beagles in hearbeat at a time!


On behalf of our beagle babies, THANK YOU and best wishes for good health and happiness throughout 2015!

Donate Now Through!


Donate Now Through!

Donate directly to Big On Beagles using PayPal!

Raising the funds to support our important work is crucial but without loving foster homes, our work would be impossible to perform. Please consider joining our family TODAY! We need MORE FOSTER PARENTS!!! Don't wait another minute! Send us YOUR Foster Application TODAY!!!

Donate Now Through!



Big On Beagles (BOB) Rescue is a privately run registered charity committed to the rescue of beagles in need.

Donate Now Through!

Please help us continue to put the wag back into the tails of beagles in need by making a donation TODAY! Just click on our Canada Helps button above to make a secure on-line tax-deductible gift to our homeless howlers! THANK YOU!


Donate directly to Big On Beagles using PayPal!