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Every penny that you donate goes directly towards providing quality medical care for the dogs in our program.

Fall, 2013

There are no words to express my appreciation to everyone who made a contribution towards Georgie's emergency veterinary bills. You are all so very special to me for taking time out to do what you could, despite the sad outcome.


In total, the medical costs incurred in an effort to save Georgie's life came to $3,436.44 and that was with discounts kindly provided by our vets at Beaches Animal Hospital as well as the specialists at the Central Toronto Veterinary Referral Clinic. Still, it hit us hard.


All that money and no happy little dog to show for it.


Please know that I'm beyond grateful for the donations that poured in. We've received close to $3,000 from some very kind and generous people, many of you I know already and love dearly but there were others I've only just met through this dear little dog.


Unfortunately, Georgie hasn't been the only medical emergency we've had recently. Annie's vet bills are souring as we try to resolve a severe infection to one of her paws - so severe that she may lose one of her toes. This is the second medical emergency she's had since her arrival in the spring. We can't help but wonder if these issues stem from the horrible conditions in which she lived before rescued from the garbage dump that served as her backyard. And sweet old Bubba was rushed in today when his permanet foster parents noticed a concerning lump on his gums. Xrays revealed a cancerous abdominal mass likely related to the mass in his mouth. He's undergoing surgery tomorrow and we're all hoping and praying for the best. Bubba is very much loved by his forever foster family. There are more stories, but I'll stop there for your sake.


Altogether, we've incurred over $7,000 in veterinary costs in less than one month. It's unprecedented.


It may seem like an uphill battle right now but we want you all to know that we refuse to give up and we have you to thank for keeping us so stubborn, aside from all the beagles that constantly serve to inspire us. Somehow, we'll get through this. But for the time-being, we will not be able to take any new beagles into our care. We need to recover from the incredible hit to our funding.


I'm hopeful that we will have a huge success with this year's BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH on November 24th. We'll be sending you details on our signature event, proudly in its 8th year, very shortly.


But I'm also hopeful more donations will come in to help us in the meantime. I'm hopeful that many more of you will consider joining our family of monthly contributors. You would be amazed the impact each monthly gift has on our little beagle rescue. If we just had a few more folks sign up to give $10 or $20 each month, we could recover from this crisis sooner and be in a position to once again reach out to the next beagle in need.


You see, we're in the business of fixing broken down beagles. Such repairs don't come cheap. And sometimes, the repairs are not enough to fix the beagle in the end. We understand that. Our hearts are in the repair shop about as often as these beagles. But we don't want to stop trying. There are too many happy endings that make it worth suffering through the heartaches.






When you really think about it, even the heartaches are worth it. They remind us that we're only human and sometimes love is all we can give in the end. It's a good reminder to get once in a while.


 With all our love and appreciation,


Marna Gale & The Rest of the Crew








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No room at home to foster a beagle? You can still make a HUGE impact by financially supporting our special work! BIG ON BEAGLES is pleased to offer a secure on-line donation service! You can make a secure, on-line tax-deductible monthly or single donation to our little howlers any time of year through our Giving Page on the reputable Canada Helps site! If your gift is a tribute to a beagle or a person in your life, you can indicate that in the message space provided so we can send an aknowledgement card to that special someone. On behalf of our little howlers, thank you so very much for supporting our efforts!

Of course, if you prefer to send your gift the old-fashioned way, you're more than welcome to send your cheque (or a series of post-dated cheques for Monthy Support) made payable to:

c/o Marna Gale
94 Neville Park Boulevard
Toronto, ON
M4E 3P8

(If you're making a donation In Honour or In Memory of a beloved beagle, do let us know as we would be happy to send an acknowledgement card to the recipient! Please note that BOB is now a registered charity (as of July, 2012) and, therefore, will be able to issue tax receipts for all monetary donations made through paypal, by cheque, or on-line via our Canada Helps Giving Page - just click on the link provided. THANK YOU!)

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