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Every penny that you donate goes directly towards the needs of the beagles we're here to save. Our primary focus is the rescue of senior beagles, those with chronic/serious health issues, those requiring emergency life-saving surgeries, those suffering from emotional/physical trauma. Your support means so much to these dogs. We provide quality medical care, premium food, and those creature comforts every dog deserves to enjoy but especially makes a difference for a dog in crisis. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support. It means the world to us and to the dogs we're here to save - year after year.


We know you're a class act!
Help us continue our special work on behalf of Homeless Howlers!
Become a Monthly BOBefactor today
and we'll be honoured to add your picture to our HOWL of Fame
Thank You

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No room at home to foster a beagle? You can still make a HUGE impact by financially supporting our special work! BIG ON BEAGLES is pleased to offer a secure on-line donation service! You can make a secure, on-line tax-deductible monthly or single donation to our little howlers any time of year through our Giving Page on the reputable Canada Helps site! If your gift is a tribute to a beagle or a person in your life, you can indicate that in the message space provided so we can send an aknowledgement card to that special someone. On behalf of our little howlers, thank you so very much for supporting our efforts!

Of course, if you prefer to send your gift the old-fashioned way, you're more than welcome to send your cheque (or a series of post-dated cheques for Monthy Support) made payable to:

c/o Marna Gale
3240 Old Scugog Road
Bowmanville, ON
L1C 4H1
*New Address as of Spring 2017!!! 

(If you're making a donation In Honour or In Memory of a beloved beagle, do let us know as we would be happy to send an acknowledgement card to the recipient! Please note that BOB is a fully registered charity and can therefore issue tax receipts for all monetary donations made through paypal, by cheque, or on-line via our Canada Helps Giving Page - just scroll down to our embedded Canada Helps donation page below. THANK YOU!)

You'll be putting a wag back in a beagle's tail!

Please help us continue to put the wag back into the tails of beagles in need by making a donation TODAY! You can now make your donation through our Canada Helps customized Giving Page without leaving our site! See the embedded donation form below to make a secure on-line tax-deductible gift to our homeless howlers! THANK YOU!

Here's yet another way you can support B.O.B's Homeless Howlers just by walking your own Beagle! 

Upload the ResQWalk App to your iphone or android phone and start walking for Big On Beagles Rescue!!! 

Click on the beagle to visit the ResQWalk site!


2019 Expense Breakdown:

Medical - $35,545.62

Event/Promotional (*Includes purchase of Trailer for events, made possible by Bequest Donation) - $9,534.65

Pet Supplies (includes Pharmacy medications) - $4,523.26

Accounting - $700  

General/Misc (Dog Trainer/Sitting) - $475.61

Web Site - $395.78 

Rescue Transport (Gas/Parking) - $86.50