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COVID Update:
Given the current situation (lockdown restrictions due to Pandemic), we're unable to fully process applications. Part of our screening process includes Meet & Greets and Home Visits as it is important for us to get to know you and vice versa. For our safety and yours, we're choosing to hold off until we all return to a closer level of normalcy to best determine good matches for your sake and our beagles. You are welcome to complete/submit an Application now or wait until restrictions have lifted.  STAY SAFE!!!
Thanks for visiting our beagles for adoption!
As you'll see, many of our babies are dealing with ongoing medical care/treatment, or in permanent palliative care, or may have adoptions pending. We also pay tribute to the beagles we have recently lost on this page.
Because our focus is the rescue of mainly senior beagles, those with serious and/or chronic health issues, and those requiring costly medical intervention due to illness or life-threatening injuries, many of these beagles stay with us permanently or their long-term foster parents fall far too in love to ever part with them. It happens a lot. That's what beagles do. They wrap their beagle paws around our hearts and there's nothing we can do but give in to their powers.
Of course, we do have beagles available for adoption from time to time, and we often know of young, healthy beagles looking for loving new homes so PLEASE DON'T DESPAIR! We encourage you to fill out an Adoption Application as the first step to our Adoption Search process with you! Alternatively, you may decide that the Foster Option is the right one for you! We are always looking for more loving dedicated foster parents to help out at our Beagle Repair Shop!
Give it some careful thought and if you'd like to chat about it before filling out an application, we are always here to talk All Things Beagle with fellow beagle lovers!!!
***To read the rescue stories for the beagles listed below, simply click on their picture!!! 
*Please note Applicants must be local to us, i.e. within Ontario. Part of the screening process requires a Home Visit. We also want to be close at hand for our beagles and for the families who adopt them!

MARY LOU! (New Arrival!)


MR. FRENCH! (New Arrival!)


HARRIET!  (New Arrival!)


POPPY! (Palliative Care - Sheba's Haven)

RAE! (aka Roxy) *in long-term foster care


SOCRATES! (aka Sox) *in long-term foster care


ASTRID! (Adoption pending)


PORTIA (formerly known as Connie)! (Freshly Adopted by her Foster Family!)


NEAL! (Heart Condition - in permanent foster care)


WYATT! (formerly known as Bashful! In long-term foster care)


VELVET! (*Permanent Foster - undergoing extensive medical care)


NORMAN! (in Permanent Palliative Foster Care)


TAMMY FAYE BARKER! (In permanent foster care)


May-Bea! (Adoption Pending!)


SYLVIA! (in Permanent Palliative Care)


Adagio! (Freshly Adopted! ARRROOO!!!)


Ruby Tuesday! (Freshly Adopted! ARROOO!!!)


Clara-Bow & Lionel Beaglemore!
(In permanent Foster care due to Lyme Disease, with Marna Gale)


Algernon (in Long-term Foster Care)


Madison! (undergoing extensive medical care)


Phoebe! (in long-term foster care)