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October 29, 2018 eblast:



Yesterday after our hilarious HOWL-O-WEENIE in the PARK-EENIE wrapped up, we hopped in the beagle-mobile and drove out to Toronto Animal Services to pick up an equally hilarious little beagle girl…this one here, with the bit Bat Ears, otherwise known as Lucy! And we thought we couldn't LOVE Lucy more…








Big thanks to long-time foster parents, Judy & Andrew, for offering Lucy a comfy cozy foster home to recover from her spay surgery while getting endless tummy rubs! We're going to give our comical clown some time to heal and settle before we begin our search for just the right FOREVER HOME! Maybe in the meantime, Lucy wouldn't mind being our official promoter for this year's BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH! After all, we couldn't come to the rescue of adorable little beagles like Lucy without the success of our BIGGEST BESTEST Event of the Year!


October 25, 2018 eblast:



This is Lucy. We love Lucy. We loved her the moment we read the email from our friends at Toronto Animal Services…




Lucy is a sweet, senior girl with no behavioural issues. She is a total doll with humans and other friendly like-minded dogs. She doesn't think much of the overly obnoxious ones. We estimate her to be about 8 years old. She has some mild dental issues, some skin tags and cysts associated with aging, but nothing glaring to speak of. We suspect the cysts are benign but will likely be recurring and may have the potential to make her uncomfortable if they grow too large. She's been vaccinated for DA2PP/Rabies/Bordatella, spayed, microchipped, dewormed and is currently on a course of antibiotics for her skin.




We love Lucy.


We love her enough to put aside our financial worries.


But we must act quickly.


The shelter is currently at their max with abandoned dogs and they may have the start of a Kennel Cough outbreak on their hands. Lucy has started to cough. Being an older dog, her best defence against this upper respiratory infection so common in shelter circumstances would be to get out of the shelter asap and into a quiet and peaceful enivornment while undergoing a course of antibiotics for 3 weeks.




So we are in search of a loving foster home (with no other dogs as it is contagious) for dear little Lucy. In fact, if you're looking to adopt a lovely beagle, we would consider a Foster to Adopt scenario in Lucy's case. We suspect she is highly adoptable and will only require minimal veterinary care at this time.